5 Best Spin Bike Reviews 2020- Budget and Value

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Welcome to my best spin bike reviews 2020 where I will be giving you all information about the best spin bikes for home usage for 202 through.

With many of us preferring to do our exercises and workouts at home it is vital that we get equipment which will help us achieve this goal.

With the emergence of coronavirus most people now prefer doing home workouts or home spin classes with a few people and also find it a bit of a bit deal going to find spin class.

The other aspect that you may be looking for a spin bike is because of the popularity these have gained in fitness centers and gyms for indoor cycling and working out.

Well you do not need to find these classes anymore because there are great companies which will provide you with some of the best spin equipment

Today I will be giving you some of the best spin bikes you are looking. You can choose from low end to very expensive ones which have all the features you may want. The choice is always yours.

So without further ado, let’s check which ones are actually good

Spin Bike definition

It is vital to first address what a spin bike really is before we start listing and talking about the best spin bike reviews for 2020. This is because many people make use the works cycling bike and spin bike interchangeably.

The truth is that these two are way to different and in this section I will talk about these;

Spin Bikes

Spin bikes are bike brands made by a company called MADD DOGG ATHLETICS which are known to have been founded in the 90s.

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The company was involved in founding the classes which are also now called spin classes due to their brand.

This means that any cycling bikes are not referred to as spin bikes by definition.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way it is now time to look at the best spin bikes for you in the market.

1. Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus

When it comes to choosing bikes the best thing to look for is comfort and also not causing anybody pains like the back or knees.

The Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus is the number one on my list due to having the best comfort and giving you the best results while not causing you pain.

This is because this is what this bike gives you while you workout.

The other aspect is that this bike is also one of the most preferred by most cyclists because of it gives you the highest resistance compared to other spin bikes.

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The bike is also made of aluminum unlike other bikes which are made of steel which means it will be cost effective in the future or as a long term investment due to the fact that it is rustproof.

The other aspect which means the bike one of the best investments is due to its components that are robust.

For example the Belt in the bike is made of polyurethane and carbon fiber core which means it is maintenance free and you will need to pay no recurring costs.

The bike is also very quiet which makes it a perfect fit for home usage.

Pros and Cons


  • Maintenance free
  • Rustproof
  • Noise free
  • Great performance


  • A bit heavier compared to other spin bikes
  • No on board computer

2. Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 Indoor Cycling Bike

Second on the list is my favorite spin bike called the Sunny Health and Fitness.

Apart from this brand being well-known all over the world by most fitness enthusiasts like me and maybe also by you, it has great features for what you pay for.

You may also know that Sunny Health and Fitness makes some of the most budget friendly bikes you can ever think of.in the fitness industry.

The bike has high performance for such a lower price which means you get more value for your money.

The bike has an adjustable knob to help you adjust your resistance as you do your workout although there is no actual tracking of how much resistance you are in or moving to. You just know you are changing resistance.

The bike also provides a smooth and quiet ride due to its heavy-duty flywheel which makes it great for home workouts.

The bike is also similar to the Scwinn Fitness AC Performance in that you will not get an on board computer.

However you can put your own IPad or tablet on the bike and use it to listen to music and the like.

Pros and Cons


  • Budget bike
  • Good performance
  • Smooth ride and resistance
  • Noise free bike


  • No on board computer
  • High price compared to other Sunny Health Fitness bikes

3. Keiser M3/M3 Plus/M3iX Plus Indoor bike

The Kiesier is one of the luxurious bikes you can ever find it reasonable price. This is because this bike is considered the BMW of bikes if not more than that.

This is because this bike will give everything you need from a bike and especially the workout you may be looking for.

What makes the bike different is that it was designed specifically for some years to give you a 24 gear of real bike experience while you are in your home or gym.

For those looking for something which is like a real bike but which you can use in your bedroom than you will not go wrong with this bike at all.

The bike also is very budget friendly since it will need to mantaiance since the flywheel is placed in an isolated place at the back of the bike and is covered so that nothing touches it while it moves.

The bike can also be adjusted in terms of many of its parts like the seats and pedals.

The bike also has an on board computer however the only issue is that you will not get preprogrammed date on your computer board which can be an issue for other who are used to this.

Pros and Cons


  • maintenance free
  • Very robust
  • Realistic bike experience
  • 24 Gear gives you the best workout of your choice


  • Pre-Programmed date is missing

4. Life Fitness Lifecycle GX Group Exercise Bike

If you are looking for an endurance bike for yourself mainly then this bike will be the best option for you and you will have no issues with it as it is mainly made for this.

The bike is made of magnetic resistance and a very durable belt to make it maintaiance free like mots of the ones I mentioned.

The bike is also the handle is super comfortable due to that fact that it has ribbed rubber handles making it possible for you to hold it anyhow you would like.

The bike is heavy compared to many of the spin bikes I talked about however what offsets this is the fact that the bike has some wheels infront that you can use to pull the bike.

Pros and Cons


  • Very good-looking bike
  • Best for group classes or home workouts
  • maintenance free
  • Comfortble bike


  • Heavier than other bikes
  • No accessories like other spin bikes
  • No computer on board

5. NordicTrack S22i

If you are looking for a bike which has all the good features of a bike than you will not go wrong with the NordicTrack S22i.

The bike is also smooth due to its magnetic resistance and is also noise free for usage at your home.

The bike has an an board computer unlike the ones I mentioned above which makes it a better choice if you are looking for such.

It has a 22-inch high definition computer screen which is a very responsive touchscreen too.

More than this the bike has iFit access which means if you use it with iFit you will have the ability of your coach to help monitor and change your resistance live (which I think is a cool feature for this bike).

The bike also has 22 levels of resistance you can use to adjust according to your preferences.

Pros and Cons


  • 22 levels of adjustable resiatnce
  • Many features
  • iFit access


  • Maintance many not be as good as the other bikes.

Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best spin bikes there are many bikes which you can choose from however the wise thing is to look for bikes with less or no maintaiance as this will help you not pay a lot in the long run.

The bikes must also be budge friendly so that you will be able to not break you bank a lot but also get all the value you want.

Some of my best bikes which incorporate this are as follows:

  1. Schwinn Fitness AC Plus
  2. Sunny Health and Fitness SF B1805
  3. Kieser M3
  4. Life Fitness Lifecycle GX Group
  5. Nordic Track s22i

You can choose according to your preferences as they all provide the best value for a low price.

I hope you enjoyed this best spin bike reviews 2020 and I hope it gave you the value and information to make your own decisions for your preferred bike.

If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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