5 Best habits for weight loss in 2021

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When it comes to weight loss there will always be a lot of conflicting ideas which one is told and this is because there are a million of ways to lose weight.

Just as there are a million ways to get rich it is the same with weight loss. There are a million ways as I said.

The times are also changing so more things get discovered when it comes to weight loss and this is why I research and always looking at the most effective and trending ways.

So in this article I will only show you 5 best ways you can start today and follow to enhance your weight loss.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this article.

Know your body

Before you start looking at ways tays that can help you it is vital that you look at what your body is comfortable with or you are comfortable with.

What I mean is that you must check if for example your body will react bad to those tactics or if your works schedule will be able to accommodate this or not.

Some people may be to busy to do certain programs due to their tome requirements and others can also just prefer supplements since they do not need a lot of exercises to be done.

So it is basically up to you.

1. Listening to re-conditioning music/audio

The lock down has increased a lot of people being isolated and listening to their favorite music alone or with the their family.

However did you know that many people are now starting to see that listening to certain music with certain frequencies can really be beneficial for enhancing your weight loss.


Well it is simple. Studies have shown that by changing the way you think you can help yourself lose weight easily without being aware.

There are certain frequencies that you can listen to and they are called beta and theta frequencies.

There are some programs which can help you with this and one of them is the 15 minutes weight loss program.

For example with this program you only have to listen to the audio for only 15 minutes per day and after 3 months it will be able to help recondition your mind.

2. Have a mixed balanced food or your choice

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Over many years it has always been said that people need to have diet which is very restrictive however as many years passed many people have seen this is not a good way to good.

This is because this causes a yo-yo effect on people since they end up quitting these restrictive diets and end up going to their old habits of the unhealthy food they used to eat.

In this century most people have seen huge benefits in still eating some food they like while being in a diet.

However one needs to be able to do this well. Luckily there have been many programs which have caught on and started to cater for this to help others.

One of the best programs for this is the Cinderella solution weight loss program.

3. Meditate

Meditation is closely related to the first part of listening to high frequency music. In fact, you can listen to this music will you meditate which will be a double whammy.

The other aspect of the meditation is that it can be done by any person free of charge just by following certain YouTube video channels or downloading an App.

Here is one of the best YouTube Channel for meditation which you have to listen to or follow.

This is how I started my meditation journey by the way and no it was not for weight loss it was just for my spirituality and growth which I ma still doing and growing in.

4. Do any activity around the house like gardening

This is another big one which we take for granted. As more people have been working on line ever since the COVID-19 lockdown more people have seen an opportunity to not only clean their house but also lose weight while cleaning.

This is not limited to only gardening it can be anything you do around the house that involves physical activity.

For example, I am a ballroom dancer so in the afternoon you will find me dancing while I am cleaning the house of after it (depending on my mood of course ha-ha).

5. Follow a good weight loss program or supplement

Following a weight loss program is also another thing that you can do to ensure that you shorten your weight loss goals.

There are many programs which are catering for this and they are all made to ensure that you can achieve your specific goals.

Here are some of my recommended programs:

  • The underground fat loss program.
  • Venus factor 2.0 (for women).

Of course there are many programs you can choose from and you can check them on my review section if you are looking for any specific ones even the supplements are also there for you to choose from.

Final thoughts

it comes to weight loss there are many methods to follow however as times change everything changes.

However the fundamentals of weight loss and healthy living are always the same as they constitute burning more calories than those you consume.

Other methods that have been working for people are all based on what is currently working and these include the following:

  • Listening to audio for reprogramming
  • Meditation
  • Do any activity around the house like gardening.
  • Have a mixed balanced food
  • Follow a weight loss program.

If you can use these in combination it could help accelerate your progress even more so you do need to consider this.

However even following one is enough for this.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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