5 best breakfast foods for weight loss- the ultimate foods.

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There has been a lot of talk in the past and lately when it comes to diet and breakfast or more specifically weight loss and breakfast.

At the end of the day we can never deny the fact that food has a major impact on our bodies and eating the wrong ones or the food which isn’t good can ruin your weight loss efforts. This is why today I will be talking about 5 best breakfast foods for weight loss.

Losing weight is not only about eating the correct food for breakfast however you must make sure you incorporate other measures too like exercise and mastering your mind.

For these you can check my other posts I have written about this.

Now without talking too much, let’s get right into the article.

Does breakfast affect weight loss?

Most people have always thought that a meal has an effective on weight loss. But is this true?

The truth is that there hasn’t been any sort of research which says that confirms that any meals like breakfast will make you lose weight( Except Harvard.health which dispelled the theory in 2019).

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However, we should know that eating the right food in your meals can greatly affect your weight loss.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals because this it can help you not overeat throughout the day. This means that if you eat the wrong food this could make you have cravings which cause you to overeat.

So now let us look at these foods which you should have during breakfast.

You will notice that the foods I will talk about are those with either high protein or fiber or both as these are what are needed to help you stay slim and feel fuller for longer.

The food I will mentioned here will also have no bad cholesterol or any bad fats which can harm you if you eat it in the morning.

1. Almond butter or Peanut butter

5 best breakfast foods for weight loss

Having butter which is made of nuts is by far the best way to start off your day as this is very convenient. We already know that eating nuts has many great benefit so imagine having butter for breakfast.

Almond and butter both have a protein content of no less than 6 grams per serving.

When you are consuming almond or peanut butter you must make sure that you eat it with low calorie food. This means that you must choose your bread properly.

This means avoid unhealthy bread such as white bread but rather opt for wholegrain bread.

2. Chicken breast5 best breakfast foods for weight loss

Now chicken may not be something you may be expecting but having chicken breast is one of the best ways to lose weight that most people neglect.

The reason for this is that chicken breasts are for packed with high protein which builds muscles more and gets rid of fat.

Chicken breast also have no fat at all compared to normal chicken or normal meat. All you need to do to make it is either grill it or boil it.

You can also make it into a salad by adding lettuce. Basically there are many ways to prepare chicken breasts.

What if I am vegan and can’t eat chicken?

Well I am in the same boat so do not worry I have got you covered. The alternative for you would be tofu.

Tofu is the best alternative to chicken since it has the same amount of protein as chicken.

3. Blue berries5 best breakfast foods for weight loss

When you have breakfast it would be better to have food which is easy to make or easy to eat every morning.

As you may have read on my article called 10 best fruits for weight loss blueberries are one of the fruits that are mentioned to have flavornoids which help you lose weight fast.

Blueberries work to boast the metabolism which helps to burn fat more efficiently.

The great thing about blue berries is that they can be put in any dish to make them a great meal.

4. Apples5 best breakfast foods for weight loss

Apples are the most widely used for snacks or light breakfast and this is obviously because of many vitamins and nutrients.

According to Medical News Today apples are good for the following benefits according to studies:

  • Diabetes.
  • Improves heart health.
  • Helps prevent cancer

Medical News today also talks about the fact that a study that was done showed that eating and apple is great for gut health which helps cutting obesity.

According to eatwell.com eating apples are said to be the best for weight loss due to their high fiber content which helps you fill fuller for longer and also helps you lose weight.

5. Avocado5 best breakfast foods for weight loss

The major cause of obese is a food group which most people have without knowing that it would affect them and this is called butter.

The problem with butter is that people think they always have to have when making a sandwich. So people might use the almond and peanut butter and actual butter in their bread.

The best alternative is having avocado instead as this works exactly like butter as it is natural oil.

Avocado is basically a fruit which is versatile as it can be used as a fruit or vegetable in the morning.

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Final thoughts

Eating breakfast the best way is not essential for weight loss as research has not confirmed this however eating the right food for any meal including breakfast is key for weight loss.

There are certain food which you will never go wrong with as far as helping you lose weight along with exercise and they include the following:

  • Avocado
  • Apples
  • Blue berries
  • Almond or peanut butter
  • Cheicken breasts

These are all easy to include in your breakfast and most can be used as a light breakfast or light day snack at work.

You can also eat these foods as a combination so you can be able to achieve optimal weight loss for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Reader Comments

  1. Andy

    Very informational. Well organized and pleasing to look at! I am not a vegan and I don’t think I ever will be, but I don’t have a problem with anyone who is. I’m all for eating healthier!

  2. Denton

    I have to agreee i haven’t seen any study stating breakfast will help you lose weight. Personally i dont eat breakfast i use intermittent fasting to stay lean.
    The food you mentioned are perfect for a healthy diet very good advice! Sound words for all to live by.
    Thanks for the article man! You’re going to help many people on this one with their weight loss journey!

  3. Natalie

    Such a great article. I have changed my diet a lot since new year (I’m committed to eating much more healthily now) so it’s a relief to know that I am doing everything you have listed (with the exception of the chicken, which like you I supplement for tofu, so yummy!) I did not know that about blueberries having flavonoids which help us lose weight, amazing! I will definitely be putting them on my shopping list more regularly.

    Love love love nut butter too. Such great suggestions, I’ll definitely remember what you said about making sure to pair it with a low calorie bread. One of my favourite snacks at the moment is nut butter with apple, I know it sounds a bit questionable but it’s just delicious! Do you have any favourite snacks, or recommendations for good food combinations?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Natalie

      Great to hear that you are doing these recommendations already as this will help you a lot. Yes tofu is super beneficial and tasty,(tell me about it).
      I do not have a favorite snack as I eat mostly fruits for this.

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