4 best women weight loss supplements- These are essential

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When it comes to weight loss without a doubt women are said to be more effected than men although these figures are now starting to change as years go by.

Not everyone has the time to always exercises to lose weight especially if you are a woman who has children. This is where having something to help you at these times like a supplement can help. Thus, today I will be showing you the 4 best women weight loss supplements.

Cnbn.com has also talked about the fact that people now work above 44 hours a week and sometimes 60 hours per week which is a lot.

If you are a regular on my site you already know that I always prefer natural products or programs over drugs and chemically induced substances for weight loss.

That is why today I will be showing you supplement which work wonders for just about any woman looking to lose weight.

Before we start, you may be interested in checking my free weight loss guide which will help you lose weight easily.

1. Leptitox

The leptitox review

When it comes to the best weight loss supplements the number rated supplement has to go to leptitox which has powerful ingredients.

I did do a thorough review of this supplement a few weeks ago where I pointed out its benefits not only for losing weight but also for getting all the energy you actually need.

The supplement was created by Morgan Hurst and Sony Rhodes with the aim of creating a long term solution without needing a gym.

I will list the pros and cons of the supplement:


  • 21 Natural ingredients
  • Increases metabolism


  • Need to be taken regularly to see the results

I did an actual full review about this supplement and yo can check it on my leptitox review article.

2. Resurge

women weight loss supplements

Resurge is another powerful natural weight loss supplement that has been rather famous for many women and also men. This is because of it powerful weight loss ingredients.

The weight loss supplement which was created by John Barban with the aim of helping people burn belly fat.

Although most people are using it for overall weight loss it works best for belly fat.

The good thing with resurge is that it is highly researched when it comes to its ingredients. The aim of the supplement is to help burn fat quickly.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of resurge:


  • Natural ingredients
  • Well researched ingredients


  • May be a little costly

For further review of this product you can check the Resurge Review.

3. Masszymes

women weight loss supplements

The third supplement which is often missed is the fact that this supplement is very effective.

Although this supplement is not specifically for weight loss but it can be used as an aid for inducing weight loss.

How will this happen?

You may already know that to burn fat you need to build lean muscles because fat will not exist where there is fat in the body.

This is the reason that old people tend to have a harder time in burning any sort of fat in the body.

More than this more fat in the body slows down the metabolic rate and lean muscles do the opposite effect.

So this is where masszymes supplements come in. This supplement can be added in your daily consumption and help you build muscles naturally.

I would advise adding a bit of resistance training to help the body build m ore lean muscles and reduce fat.

You can check the full review of the masszyme on my masszymes review.

4. PhenQ

women weight loss supplements

This by its nature is not a supplement but tends to be more a diet pill however it is one of the best diet pills because of it being safe.

The PhenQ has become so popular lately to people who are looking for an aid for weight loss which can provide results fat.

However although it is such a great diet pill I still do advise you to take it with caution and no make it part of your long term weight loss.

This is because diet or weight loss pills are not natural and no matter which ones they will give you some sort of side effects which will last for a long time.

Even a great dill pill which is thoroughly researched like the PhenQ will have the same effect.

Now let’s look at the Pros and Cons


  • Very quick and effective
  • scientifically researched well


  • May have side effects
  • Only available online

My further advice

women weight loss supplements

Supplements are great since they have no side effects which makes it a good aid to consume for the long term.

However, using these alone is not 100% effective so I do advise you keep the basics of losing weight like exercising and dieting.

These will help you stay on top of your weight loss and give you more benefits since you will be healthier in doing this.

I know most people may tend to not have the drive and discipline for doing this so it is best to get a personal trainer around your area.

Having someone who will keep you accountable is the best long term weight loss strategy.

What if you can not afford or find a personal trainer?

Well it is easy to bridge this gap. You can invest in weight loss programs which will actually keep you accountable since you will follow a certain system.

Luckily some weight loss programs have personal one on one coaching for the people. I do review a lot of weight loss programs so you can check out my review page.

These are my # 1 recommendation for weight loss for women which are the most effective:

Final thoughts

When it comes to weight loss for women the best way is to always focus on exercise, diet and possibly the mindset.

However time to time it is good to add some supplements to aid especially if you are a busy woman.

I advise against diet or weight loss pills because they have side effects unlike like weight loss supplement which have no side effects.

There are four weight supplement which work the best and they have the effect of producing results naturally, thank you to their natural ingredients.

Below is a list of the best one:

  • Leptitox
  • Resurge
  • Masszymes
  • Phenq

To help you further it is always better to add weight loss programs which will help you stay accountable as they have a system and usually have a personal coach in them anyway.

I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions you can leave them below, I will be happy to engage as normal.

Reader Comments

  1. Tim

    thank you for the info on supplements and weight loss. I did not know the body could not produce fat where lean muscle is present. This is helpful to know and provides more incentive for a little bit of workout at least. Thanks

  2. Lisa

    Hi Thabo,

    Thanks for the roundup in weight loss supplements for women. I always appreciate these consolidation pages where you can see the recommendations and do a side by side comparison.

    I do think Masszymes looks like the best for me; because I’m still training (although not as heavily as I have been), having the support for building lean muscle is really what I need. I’m mainly doing body weight and kettlebell workouts due to the gyms being closed at the moment, so should I use it with a pre-workout or post-workout supplement too for the best effects?


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Lisa

      You are really doing a good job during the coronavirus lockdown and I hope you can be able to continue the momentum.
      I am glad you like the masszymes as they are good for boosting muscle growth especially since you are working out. Good choice.

      I would say use it with a post work out since the masszyme helps with growth especially during pre-workout and then you can have your post workout supplements.

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