4 Best snacks to eat at night for weight loss

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Weight loss involves many factors and most of the factors we tend to forget or take for granted and one of these factors is the impact that snacks have when it comes to weight loss.

It is said that snacks account about the majority of obesity for most people and that is the reason you need to know the right snacks. This is why today I will be telling you about the best snacks to eat at night for weight loss.

The article will be research based comprehensive so that you will be able to hopefully use it as your guide for your weight loss journey.

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Without further ado, let’s started with this article.

Why You need best snacks


Before I start telling you about best snacks to eat at night for weight loss I want to first tell you why you actually need to have the best snacks.

There are many reasons and I will list them below and then I will expand briefly on each of them:

  • Hormonal balance
  • Protein balance
  • Apitete control
  • Main part of your meals and habits

Let us now look at these individually:

  • Hormonal Balance

These one is one of the most important facts when it comes to weight loss. One of the main drivers of weight loss is your hormones and the better control you have on this the better.

So how do hormones get influenced by snacks?

It is easy. The more refined sugar you eat the more you will cause a disruption in your weight loss related hormones like cortisol.

In fact according to observer.com will cause your adrenaline glands to be stressed and the adrenaline glands are responsible for regulating your cortisol hormones.

The refined sugar is also responsible for stressing your thyroid glands secretes the hormone for metabolism.

So you can see how having snacks with refined sugar can cause damage without use even knowing about it and we wonder why we are failing to lose weight.

  • Protein balance

Protein is another vital factor for weight loss; The higher the protein the better for weight loss as long as it is not too excessive.

  • Appetite control

One of the best things you should always think of when you are taking snacks is whether or not they will help you with staying fuller for long or not.

Most snacks that we know are just a quick and unhealthy fix which only ends up wanting to eat more instead of less and one such example is packet chips.

  • Main part of your meal and habits

The other reasons snacks are vital is that they are generally what you eat more of and this you may not notice since you eat them on regular times this even so for people with bad eating habits.

Since snacking is a habit that the majority of us having would it not be better to focus on the best snacks for weight loss instead?

This does not mean eating boring snacks but if you can mix things up in a creative way like I will show you below then things would be way easier for you and your weight loss goals could be achieved even faster.

Healthy snacks to eat at night for weight loss

I will list the best snacks to eat and their combination below so you will get and idea and then after I will expand on each.

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Avocado and tuna
  • Toasted coconut chips
  • Wholesome smoothie

1. Hard boiled eggs

hard boiled eggs are a well known classic snack which you will never go wrong with and there are a couple of reasons for this.

The first one is that they are filled with=with protein which is what we are looking for to help us increase our muscles and get rid of fat quickly.

The other reason is that since they are filled with protein they will help us stay fuller for longer throughout the day.

Is a summary of these benefits:

  • Protein-rich
  • Filled with omega 3 fatty acids
  • Balances your blood sugar levels
  • More nutrition you get like selenium and vitamin B12 and Vitamin A

On top of all of these benefits they are super easy and quick to do and you can do them before you go out in the morning and put them as your snack or when you are ready to go sleep at night (preferably 2 hours before sleep to allow for proper digestion).

I do know people who do this as a routine as a weight loss technique

2. Avocado and tuna

Avocado and tuna are one of the best combinations for snacks because they both are one of the best healthy fats which you really need in your body.

Thus here are the benefits you will get as a combination of these:

  • High omega 3
  • High protein

The only problem with this combination is that you need to eat it just when you have made it. If you leave it for to long it will not be a good snack to have.

3. Toasted coconut chips

These chips are low in carbs and gluten free and delicious as ever. if you have had these you may know how life changing they are to have.

This is because you can eat them for as long as you want but still get the feeling and taste you get when you eat the unhealthy normal bag of chips.

The great thing about This is that you can get them easily and your local grocery store or online if you don’t get them.

4. Wholesome smoothie

Smoothies will always be one of the best snacks because they are fulfilling and filled with all the nutrition of its fruit or veggie combination.

The key though is not to have fruits in the smoothie because that very fact will cause your blood sugar levels to go the other direction.

Use a combination of veggies and fruits instead and focus on fruits with less sugar too. This will help with the balance of blood sugar levels.

Green smoothies are normally the best.

If you are looking for a smoothie which is designed exactly for weight loss then  you can check Drew’s Smoothie diet  which anyone can be able to do.

Final thoughts

Losing weight has a lot to do with the snacks amongst other factors and if the snacks you eat are well-balanced and the correct ones you will be able to manage your weight easily.

One of the best ways to ensure this is to look for snacks which will not cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and increase your appetite.

The best combination that you could eat at night or before going to sleep are the following:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Avocado and tuna
  • Toasted Coconut chips
  • Wholesome smoothies

You can either choose one of these to have whenever you are about to sleep at night or you can use a combination or even change from night to night.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it gave you the value you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage as normal.

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  1. Jamie L.

    Wow! Great article. It’s always a struggle to figure out the best snacks to eat when dieting. And sounds like your choices can even help my weight loss efforts! Who would have thought that adding a few snacks can increase my weight loss. Thanks for such a great article. I’m gotta get a snack!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jamie L

      Yes indeed snacks are one of the hardest things to quit so why not rather make them help with your weight loss instead of causing havoc.
      I am happy you found the article fulfilling.

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