3 best books for weight loss- These may be the only ones you really need

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When it comes to weight loss there are many things to consider because attaining this goal is more than a result but a journey one needs to go through.

So in doing so it is great to also nourish your brain with information which will be able to help you achieve your weight loss goals. So today I have compiled some of the best books for weight loss which you will need.

These are some of my personal favorite and I am no ways saying they are the best. So please take this with a grain of salt.

If you are an avid reader of my site you will know that I also have an ebook which you can be able to get for free which is short and sweet.

You can get you can get my weight loss book for free and use it as your long term guide.

What type of weight loss books will I talk about?

Before we start with the list I wanted to first tell you which books I am talking about when it comes to best books for weight loss.

The books are ones which have been used by a lot of people and have worked for helping them with weight loss goals.

These books may also be recipe books as you may know that following a recipe book for your type of diets can also be very helpful.

Since we have got that out of the way now, let us look into what these books are.

1. The obesity code

The obesity code book is a weight loss book written by Jason Fung who focuses on insulin role when it comes to weight loss.

This book is one of the most basic diet guides when it comes to weight loss as it mainly talks about ancient methods when you are eating to lose diet.

It is good to have it as a reference if you want to know the fundamentals of weight loss.

Jason explains the complicated theory of physiology in very simple terms which can be beneficial for just about any person./

More than this throughout the book he backs up all his claims so that you will be comfortable with what you are reading.

What should also put your mind at rest is that Dr Fung is well-known in the media and has done many interviews with many big shows.

This by the way is what made me follow and read his book.


2. The fast metabolism Diet book: Eat more food and lose more weight

This book by Haylie Pomroy is one of the most practical and unique I have seen. This is because it talks about what many other books do not talk about:The metabolism.

If you have been having unexplained weight gain the metabolism (as I have said on my previous posts) is usually the culprit.

Hayley goes deep into helping you fully understand how to fast track your metabolism rate.

The book is sort of a diet which last for a period of 7 days.

Within these 7 days the phases are divided into 3 phases which you need to follow to see results.

Now, I have never tried the diet of the boo myself so I would not be able to tell you if it works or not.


3. The weight loss solution book

Last but not least on this list of the best books for weight loss is the weight loss solution book by Dr Scott Ciminos

This book was written by Dr Scott Anthony Cimino who is claims to be helping people with nutrition and weight loss.

Although I have not fully ready this book myself I can say that if you read the synopsis of the book you will find that it focuses on teaching you which foods have caused the Nation of US to be big.

It talks about how the American diet has been manipulated and caused many people to actually gain weight without even noticing or having fat genes from birth.

The only thing I did not like about the solutions in the book is the fact that the book expels exercises for losing weight and focuses on diet.

Although diet does account for 80% of ones health it is vital to ensure we exercise in some way or another.

Remember we still need to burn the food we eat no matter how small.

The worst is that the book does encourage you to indulge in some ways which makes it worse if you do not exercise.


The verdict

These books are great when it comes to weight loss because it shows you ways you may have not known and helps you follow a routine.

However not all can be effective and my recommendation would be to choose one which has a balance of exercise and diet to help you lose weight.

The one I would recommend for this is the fat metabolism because metabolism is one of the most crucial aspects which makes people not lose weight no matter what they do.

So addressing this issue is key.

Although it is great reading a book and following what to do sometimes this may not be enough because of many reasons such as the following:

  • No actually person to account to
  • You may be lazy to read the whole book
  • Reading may take a lot of your time (so if you are busy it will be hard).

So what do I recommend?

I recommend just sticking to a program which you can download in the form of a video or audio instead.

This will make it easy for you to follow every day and you will not need to read too much. Here are my top recommended programs:

If you prefer to have a supplement along with you reading instead, you can go for something natural like the Resurge which works with your mind in a natural way.

Final thoughts

Looking for a book for weight loss is not as easy as people may think because there are many factors to be taken into account.

One of them is to make sure that the book can be readable and talks about thinks that are natural which you can do. There is no use following a book that you can not even understand.

The books that I have looked into, besides my own guide, are the following:

  • Weightloss Solution book
  • The fast metabolism diet book
  • The obesity code

These books are all taking a different and unique approach for weight loss so you should choose which you like. I personally recommend the fast metabolism diet book since it talks about something crucial in weight loss that is often hard for most people.

Other than that the most effective ways are to follow a personal trainer or a weight loss program which will keep you accountable.

There are many of these online and you can check on my review page to see which one agrees with you.

I hope this article was insightful for you and helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will return the favor as normal.

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  1. TGP

    They sound very good books. Weight loss has a lot to do with your mindset. Knowing and understand are key. We do have to exercise and have a balanced diet but also take care of our mind and books are an amazing way to do that. I don’t like the word diet as it has an opposite effect on me. I prefer to focus on eat well and in this case understand my metabolism is critical, so I’m curious about “The fast metabolism diet book”. Thanks for sharing.

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