15 minute weight loss review-The truth finally Exposed

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As weight loss problems continue to escalate world wide there is a huge need to lose weight effectively and in the right manner. What if there was a way to lose weight without being active?

Well the 15 minutes weight loss diet promises exactly this. So the real question is: does this program really work? On this 15 minutes weight loss diet review I will be unloading this for you.

I will look at the overview of the program and also how it works, who it is best for and also do a thorough check about its scientific claims.

I am sorry if I say what you may not like about the program but this is my honest opinion through research and what I have seen and I hope to be an unbiased as possible like normal.

Without further ado let us start.

15 Minutes weight loss review15 minute weight loss review

Product name: 15 minutes weight loss

Website: www.15minutesweightloss.com

Creator: Anthony Swailes and Cara

veganweight.com rating: 3 out of 5

15 minutes weight loss overview

The 15 minutes weight loss diet is basically a new and innovate program which does away exercises and eating for weight loss. In this program you be using your mind to lose weight.

Yes, I said your mind.

The 15 minutes weight loss diet program is huge breakthrough where it says you can eat what you love and never get fat.

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I am sure you have seen those people who eat anything but never gain weight. Most of it is just because they have a good metabolism and good family genes (Just like me).

15 minutes weight loss review

Science seems to have cracked this one too as anyone can do this without having good “no weight gaining” genes like the lucky few.

The 15 minute weight loss program claims to do this by a method called hypnosis.

As you can hear by the name “15 minutes ” weight loss diet, this program claims to help you lose weight in Just 15 minutes.

Unbelievable right?

This works with a part of the brain which is called the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is said to be the main driver of your weight gains or weight losses and not too much the food and exercise (more about how this works later).

>>You can check out the 15 minutes weightloss program here yourself<<

Who is the founder?

As you know that with all my reviews I make sure to do a thorough background with the creator so you know if you are dealing with a real person or a person hiding behind a computer or desk ( ha ha, you get the picture ).

The creators of the program are Anthony Swailes and Cara.

Now When I did research about them they were no where to be found and this raised some alarm bells to me. I always get a satisfaction using something whereby I can see a person behind, I don’t know about you.

15 minutes weight loss program review

This is exactly what I found for the Red Tea Detox diet program last few months when I did their review. Usually I do not easily dispel something before looking at what the program has to offer and if it actually works or not.

This is why I went on to research about the scientific facts behind the claims the program has. The reason I do this is to ensure I have the full story so that you can make a proper and informed decision for yourself (with so many scam and bad programs out there).

So for me the creator’s identity (which doesn’t exist here) and the science behind and the actual real people’s testimonies are what I look for to make my final conclusion if I did use the program or product.

So let us do more checking of this program.

Pros and Cons


  • Requires only 15 minutes of your time daily to use
  • No need for exercising
  • No side effects reported
  • 60 day Money back guarantee (risk-free)
  • Super simple to follow
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Great customer support
  • Can be incorporated with any workout or diet you want


  • Only in digital form
  • No real author/creator (identity not disclosed except the names).
  • A little bit too hyped up in terms of what it can do.
  • Results can only happen over a long term. (you need to use it daily).
  • Results may not be quick as promised (depends on a person’s commitment).

How does it really work?

The 15 minute weight loss program works with reconditioning your subconscious mind to a level where it is effortless for you to lose weight ( as per what the program claims).15 minutes weightloss program review

The 3 audio tracks that you will get will be responsible for reconditioning your mind very fast if you follow as per what the program tells you, which is following the program and the sets rules that your mind can be controlled by.

These rules are listening to one audio track for one week and move on to the next one after you have finished the last one.

You do this until you finish all the audio tracks, which will be after 21 days.

The reason for the 21 days is because your mind works with a habit so after 21 days your brain should be conditioned.

So what is this reconditioning that your brain/mind will get? and is it good for you?

ha ha do not worry it is not harmful at all as it will not have any side effects at all as this is natural. In fact this way has been used by many ancient people to improve their well being (more about this later).

The only difference now is that this time it is being given to the public to help them improve their lives for losing weight.

So the program works by using cymatics (through audio frequencies) to synchronize your left brain with your right brain to reach a theta state.

Once it has reached this state your brain will do a good job in making effortless make you start losing weight.

Research behind this

To check if the claims of this program are real I did tons of research as this will help check if the program is false advertising or real.

The below is what I came up with.

  • The ability for subliminal messages to influence your mind.

According visme the research for subliminal messages only came out to the public in 1950 and since that more research about this has continued.

The research also says that our mind can be influenced to make certain decision just by messages which are constantly subjected to it.

It proposes that this happens in the subconscious mind and that for it to work it must be done over a long period.

It further claims that influential entities like media and politicians have been using the same method to make us follow their ideas without us even realizing.

The University College London researchers also agree with this point as they say the subconscious mind is easily effected my outside environment of messages.

As we can see that the science does back the subliminal message conditioning that the program talks about.

You can check the video below

What are the features of the program?

Now let us get into what you will get when you purchase this program.

You will only get 3 audio tracks which are specifically designed to work with the mind. The tracks have sound and subliminal hypnosis which have music or sound over it.

However, the sound that you will be hearing has been developed through huge amount of research so you should know you are dealing with the best.

The audio tracks are meant to be used independently (meaning you must do one track per week) for a period of 21 days.

Bonuses you get:

  • Look younger now
  • Look great at any age
  • Deep sleep now

Try the 15 Minutes weight loss program risk-free here

How much does the 15 minutes program cost?

Another great thing to look at is the price of the program so that you will know whether the program is actually well priced or not.

Luckily the 15 minutes weight program is merely a once off payment of $37 and you get all the content in the program.

This is a huge bargain if you compare it to going to any specialist who will charge you this amount or even more each time you consult with them.

This is why many can benefit with the program as it is a good investment for the long term since you will have it for a lifetime.

15 Minutes weight loss hypnosis

In this part I want to enlighten you about the fact that the program is mainly a hypnosis and also half of it is not. Let me explain below.

As I mentioned before that you will get 3 audio tracks which will help recondition your mind deeply so you can start having good habits.

However when most people hear hypnosis they think it will make them a different person or something. This is totally not true.

As I said before that we go through hypnosis daily without even realizing it in the form or ads and TV. The only difference is that it may not be helping you with your weight loss at all.

This is, in fact, the reason, most people (maybe even you) struggle when it comes to weight loss or any fat burn.

Here is an example: When you keep seeing an ad on Tv about your favorite food at KFC, your mind start thinking of KFC through the week without you realizing and the next time you are looking to eat, KFC pops up in your mind or the other way around when you keep seeing these KFC ads you get more hungrier.

This is also a hypnosis. So by using the positive 15 minutes weight loss hypnosis you will help cancel the negative conditioning that is causing you to fail when it come to dieting all the time.

The other aspect of the program is that the 15 minutes weight loss hypnosis is made to help you develop a weight loss habit of eating healthy.

Who is the 15 minutes weight loss for?

15 minute weight loss review

The 15 minutes is truly for people who have been looking for weight loss programs which does not require too much effort as they may be busy.

Many other people can benefit here too so I will list these people here, maybe you are one of them:

  • Tired of weight loss programs which do not work
  • Looking for a program which will not take too much of your time each day.
  • people who are discipline to do this consistently for at least 3 months to see the results.
  • People who are serious about committing this everyday (for 15 minutes) to achieve their weight loss.


So with every product or program it is always great to see if real people have really been helped. Since the program is fairly new it was hard to get real and authentic testimonials..

I am sorry to say that I did not find any reviews that were worth mentioning because most I found were either promoting this program and being biased or something.

I mean you can always look at the ones on the sales page but there is always a debate whether those testimonies by the creators are actually real or not (basically comes down to being biased).

Also what I find with such testimonies is that they usually are all positive which means one not be able to trust testimonies from the sales page or from the program’s page.

Granted not all programs are like this but that is why I usually like to do my own research of real testimonies to be sure so for this there are none yet,

Since this is a new program I will give the testimonials the benefit of a doubt ,for now, as the science behind the program is backed.

Is the 15 minutes weight loss a scam?

The main question that most people ask when it comes to this program is if it is really legit or it is a scam?

Well according to the tones of research and many factors shown on this article I can safely say it is legit but… and I mean a BIG BUT….

My advice would be that in order to see great results with this program I would highly recommend you still stick to good eating habits and exercising.

Although the mind is important you still need to have other practical ways such as exercising and sleeping to get good results.

You can check the video below which talks about this.

As you can see in the video above to lose weight you need a combination of many ways not just the mind.

15 minute weight loss review

Why do I say this?

This is because with anything that tells you will lose achieve results with just sitting even if it works the results may always be affected by the fact that you made a great life action change.

>>Try the 15 minutes weight loss program risk free yourself here<<

This principle is like wanting to succeed at anything. You will always need to make sure your life in general is aligned with what you are looking to achieve.

There is also a program similar to this which is also super effective and which I gave a higher rating a bit than this one and it is called The Surtees Method program. So you can also check that out however they are essentially the same thing really.

So you can choose which ever fits well for you or whichever you like.

You can also incorporate some other diets along with this if you want and my number recommendation are:

Now let us look at the fact which make this program very legit:

  1. Backed by scientific facts (as shown above).
  2. The program allows you to see the results over a long period of them (21 days).
  3. Fairly new in the market and has new techniques.

Now if you are one of those people who tends to be very busy during the day then this program is good however I would incorporate some sort of supplement if you may not have the time for exercising.

I am not talking about pills when I talk about supplements I am talking about the actual supplements.

There are very good natural supplements which will not have any side effects on your body and will just need you to take it daily.

I would say choose ones which are more effective as proven by results of people.

My number 1 recommendations are the following:

Does the 15 minutes weight loss program work?

The program does work and this is purely  based on science and how it works as it requires consistency on working on your subconscious mind.

If you know anything about the mind (subconscious mind specifically) you would know how hard it is to make it change even one idea.

So by using principles of hypnosis this can help with the reconditioning of the mind in the long run so it will be second nature for you to lose weight in this regard.

The program is also made systematically to help you step by step so that you will be able achieve your goals and to make it great the program only requires you putting on your earphones.

Will this work for you?

Whether it will work for you will depend on a few factors which you need to keep in mind (excuse the pun).

These are the factors to keep in mind:

  • Your discipline to follow through

One major thing that separates those who will see results are habits they have. The program has been proven to be effective however the issue is some people will not follow through the steps given fully.

This may delay the results or even cause the program to not work for others.

  • Time you have

One other aspect for this is the time you dedicate, Yes I know we are all busy but if you do not dedicate the time to listen to the program’s audio then it will be impossible to actually see the results.

Is the 15 minutes weight Loss  safe?

The answer to this is simple. Yes. There is really nothing to it since you are just listening to audio which you are looking to help fine tune your think habits to favorable ones for weight loss.

This process is one which happens to all of us everyday anyway when we hear negative news and the like (and also positive) so why not use something that will actually help you.

How does the 15 minutes weight loss compare with other programs?

As we have talked about other programs above that they normally focus on the physical aspect of the body which can only be 20% of the problem.

If you look at the 15 minutes weight loss program you can see that it aims to help with the root cause of weight loss which is your mind and habits.

I believe that having both these aspects mind and body in turn it can work better for your weight loss goals. However having the mind one can seem more beneficial compared to just working to body.

Must you use the 15 Minutes weight loss program with other programs or products?

When it comes to suing products/programs it is vital to check if it is worth it to use the program with other programs or if it must be used exclusively alone.

My take is that the program can be used alone provided you are ensuring that you stick to having the right diet. This will not only help you in ensuring that you get faster results but it will keep you healthy in general which is something you should be aiming for anyways.

Before I did say you can use supplements (provided they are natural) as this can just be an aid for your weight loss efforts.

At the end you can make the call for adding other things or not, I am just provided things that could be of help to you.

Other benefits you will get

Aside from getting good hypnosis and enhancing your brain for good habits you will also be able to get other benefits such as having a calmer mind and body.

These are just side effects from using the program that is given here. This is why it is also recommended for people who may have some sort of stress in their lives.

Final thoughts

The 15 minutes weight loss diet program is a breakthrough diet which helps you to lose weight without breaking a sweat at all in the gym or anywhere.

This program is a one of a kind and is helping many people who have been stuck on losing weight to achieve their goals.

The program only requires you to use it merely for 15 minutes a day in order to achieve the weight loss results you require.

Although it requires 15 minutes day it must be done over a long period at least 3 months.

what makes this program worth it is that it is backed by science with its claims that it makes. This should make anyone very comfortable using it.

On top this when you purchase the program you will get 3 bonuses which you can use to help you improve your overall health.

For the fact that it is risk-free with its 60 day money back guarantee I would say it is definitely worth try it.


I do advise that while you using the program that you make sure you still incorporate some exercise and a good eating diet as this can accelerate the results more.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

The 15 minute weight loss diet review

Easily and safe to use

The program is simple to use as it works if you put in 15 minutes everyday to achieve the results.

Reader Comments

  1. Louise Barry-Taylor

    Hi Thabo

    Thank you for sharing this 15 Minute Weight Loss Review. I believe that a product like this could work because our mindsets are so important in everything we do. Of course it would not work alone, the person following the program would need to adjust their calorie consumption and level of activity to lose weight. It all starts in the mind though.

    Thank you again.


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Louise

      yes indeed that is what I have been trying to say in this review. It is all about mindset in everything we do.
      This program helps us to become even more powerful with your mindset.
      Basics such as food consumption will never go away.

  2. Zach

    Thanks for sharing – I appreciate you breaking down that even though it’s the “15-minute solution” that it actually takes 3 months to get results! I’m definitely going to check it out!

  3. Philip

    Hello Thabo,

    Finally someone has combined physical health with exercise etc with hypnosis. As the mind thinks so shall the body follow. That is the superior part after all and the body is only an effect of what it harbors.

    So to me to make sense and really I thought about this way back in the 90’s but who knew there is a market for this.

    Nice work here Thabo and I am very interested indeed in the 15 Minute Weight Loss Program within your reviews.



    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Philip

      Wow that is great to know that you use to think of this before. Yes the mind power is even mentioned in the bible that we become what we think about.
      I am glad you enjoyed the article.
      Kind regards

  4. Maggie

    Interesting article Thabo. Unfortunately I do not have weight issues but I like the idea that this program is aligned with the subconscious mind as I would like to think that everything starts there if you are to create new habits. Of course it takes commitment to finally see the results of what you want to achieve and a maintance plan to sustain your achievement. I like that you’ve suggested a healthy diet plan along with excercise in your review as the person can easily gain back the weight they have lost.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey maggie
      Thank you for your feedback. The mind is the most powerful thing that we have. This is why I am in favor on the 15 minute program as it focuses more on the mind.
      The diet is still important so one should still be discipline to make the program work.

  5. Maggie

    Interesting post Thabo. Fortunately I do not have weight issues but I like the idea that this program is helping the users to align with their subconscious mind in order to create new habits. It all begins with the subconscious mind if we are to create new habits of some sort. I also like that you’ve suggested that users must incorporate a healthy diet along with exercise in order to mainatain the weight they have lost.

  6. Alice Pinheiro Ferreira

    I was looking on the internet for a way to lose weight without much restriction and not having to do physical activity very often. I have a friend who is thin and eats everything. She eats more than me. And not fattening. Sometimes she gets thin. And she doesn’t care about getting fat, in fact, she worries when she gets thinner. I can’t explain it. I think it really has to do with our thoughts. I’ve heard about mental reprogramming. It must be worth it to lose weight. Work the subconscioussubconscious Great review.

  7. Jolene

    Thank you so much for this informative review. I would definitely prefer something like this over medication, which can be harmful. The mind is so powerful! It’s interesting that you couldn’t find much on the authors. You included a lot of information about how it can work and why. I like the feeling after reading the pros and cons that the readers have the freedom to choose. So smart 🙂

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jolene

      I no longer use any medication in my life now and that is because of what it nearly did to my life.
      This is the reason I am in favor of program which have no medication at all. I have also been doing meditation to help me get more healthier.

  8. Will

    Great in-depth review of a weight-loss product that could help a lot of people! I like how you gave all the pros and cons of this product, respect the effort. Look forward to checking out some of your other reviews.
    All the best

  9. Toney

    Hi Thabo,

    Love this review as I came across it elsewhere and wanted some information that was not from the vendor of this diet plan.

    I see the have some familiar components involved and so myself looking to lose some weight. Its hard to shift sometimes, for as soon as I am not donating too many hours walking and treat myself to a take away, then BOOM its back on.

    So disheartening. Oh well, I guess it comes with age and so must persist but feel this diet plan may well be the answer to my prayers.

    Thanks Thabo and I have bookmarked your page for future reference.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Toney

      Very glad you are benefiting from this review and this site. Age does play a role when it comes to disorders such as gaining weight however it always boils down to the strategies one use to lose weight.

      The 15 minutes weight loss program is beneficial for helping using and condition your mind to lose weight and keep it off. For what it is worth I would say give it a try and see.

      You can let me know how it went for you as this website it to help the community here.
      Glad you loved the site. Best wishes with your weight loss goals Toney.

  10. Daniel Nicholas

    Great article you have here! It is better to rely on a healthy weight loss option which will provide lifetime results and you have to set realistic goals and not expect to lose a lot of pounds in a short span of time. Definitely I will give a try with the 15-minute weight loss diet program!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hello Daniel

      We become what we think about all day and the bible also confirms this in its writings so you will never go wrong with this concept and it is worth trying this inexpensive program

  11. Patrick Foster

    My wife is a personal trainer, and we believe that movement, nutrition, and mindset all work together for total body wellness. That being said, I also do see where this type of program could possibly provide an opening to help people develop a better mindset for nutrition. A burning desire for change must be the first step, and being open to being changed is what would make the difference. I believe that outward realities are only as a result of inward change. So, if someone does in fact follow this program with the intention of allowing their minds to be transformed, they would also likely be changing actions they take outwardly in regards to their diet etc. I do not see it working without the strong desire, and belief for change to take place.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hello Patrick
      Indeed perhaps one of the hardest thing for people to do is to follow good nutrition habits and this is the reason why obesity is one of the most popular disorders out there.

      Most people need to ensure that they focus on there will first.
      Thank you for such a great feedback

  12. Jukka

    I wish it was that simple. Why I do believe suggestion can have SOME effect, overriding strong natural urges like hunger can be very hard. That said I do like the idea of hitting the problem at its root!

    I know it’s easy to say just eat less but obesity is very rarely caused by lack of information. It’s caused because of lack of will. And this lack of will is caused by a subconscious lack of self-worth or other mental handicaps.

    If hypnosis could change this it would be great. I’ve lost weight several times but it always creeps back up unless I very actively monitor it so I know hard it can be to keep your appetite at bay and not eat emotionally. Heck, now I want to try this!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jukka

      Yes the subconscious mind is one of the hardest things to change but if you apply consistency it will pay dividends for you and more than that it can help you do the habits which will help you ultimately lose weight.

      You are right lack of will is the issue and this program does exactly this by helping with suggestions for you.

  13. Dimitra Giourga

    Hello. Very nice article althow long one.
    On my opinion there is only one way to loose weight .
    Healty eating , exersise, discipline and effort.
    It would be a dream come true if this is true and so easy to do it. I hope it is. I would definetely consider a doctor’ s opinion. Would not try something so easily for my brain.

  14. Denton

    I can definitely see the potential for this to work. When we lift weights we are trained to use mind muscle connection and we stress how it helps build muscle. Mind over matter style. With that in mind i think it actually is plausible to an extent.

    It is a great concept and the science does seem to back up their claim. Good artical and very informative.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Denton

      Wow so great to hear insight from a bodybuilder who has done this himself in this space of fitness. It is good to get validation from someone like you who is a real person and who does this daily.
      Best wishes.

  15. Lisa

    Hi Thabo, thanks for this detailed article. I think 15 minutes is an amount of time that anyone should be able to find in their day.

    I have tried numerous weight loss and muscle gain programs, combined with healthy eating and I have always found that there is something missing. I suspect now that it might be the mental side as shown in the 15 minute weight loss program. I am also excited by a program that does not require you to take any chemicals into your body.

    Would the 15 Minute Weight Loss program work if it was combined with mindfulness and yoga as well as diet and exercise?

    Thanks again!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Lisa

      Yeah most weight loss programs are actually incomplete and the 15 minutes is a good start for people.
      Yes as with all health programs I always advice combining it with what you are doing which is health specific.
      All the best with the 15 minutes weight loss program

  16. JoAnne

    Hi there

    Yes, I have used self-hypnosis for sleep and positive thinking mainly, but last year my daughter was complaining about her weight again, and I suggested hypnosis for her.

    Gotta love it as she actually gave it a go, and it worked! It changes the mindset and after two weeks her appetite had dropped. But, I recommended YouTube to find one, not a paid one such as this.

    But needless to say, hypnosis does work for weight loss, just need to know what you are listening too first. After all, what goes in…


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey JoAnne

      Great to hear such a positive message from a person who has used hypnosis with her family. You are right you can find videos but for those who want a step by step way this is program is worth it since it is extremely cheap

  17. Rowan

    I have been looking at thi typoe of mental conditioning. It’s very interesting! Meditation is similar as to how you just use your mind or more like not use it at all. Like clearing the slate clean or something.

    I appreciate your in depth review, it gave me insight on how my environment truly does influence me and can do so to everyone else too!

  18. David Buckley

    I have a better solution than hypnosis, it’s called going for a long walk. Sitting and listening to subliminal sounds was I thought, against the law? (Maybe that’s subliminal visuals).
    Don’t get me wrong, if this makes people lose weight through this method and keep the hospital queue’s down then I am all for it.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey David

      Thank you for your feedback. Long walks can be used along with it but how would one be able to condition their mind if they only walk for weight loss.
      Remember the mind is the drive of everything, if it thinks wrong your habits will sabotage you.

  19. Jukka

    While I’d like to believe in the power of the subconscious, I find it hard to believe this would make losing weight any easier unless you do it with conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan. The fact is that we have very strong biological signals that urge us to overeat because in nature we would always have times of starvation so fat deposits are good for survival. Processed foods combine high-calorie sources of carbs and fat to create foods that override our satiety signals and if you don’t remove these foods from your diet, it will be very hard to lose weight. Finally in nature humans would have to exert themselves to find food and shelter. While walking an hour doesn’t burn that much calories, any physical work will ad up in the long run. All you need is a consistent 100 calorie deficit to lose 10lbs or more in a year after all. I do know the subconscious can affect our behavior a lot but it can’t override biological signals.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jukka

      I value your opinion. As I said on the article that it is better to use this program with some exercise and diet to induce the effects of the program.
      Believe it or not the subconscious mind makes our realities. I would advice you to start learning about the effects of using your mind to create your realities.

  20. Robb

    I think you nailed it when you said that it works as long as you eat healthy and exercise. I use to own a weight loss company where we would meet with clients weekly and prepare meal plans for them. In the end weight loss is always achieved by eating less and moving more. Thanks for this review.

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