10 Top vegan bloggers- The best to follow

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When it comes to being vegan this journey can be very frustrating especially when you start and do not know anything about the diet. However, with the internet things have become easier.top vegan blogs

The journey becomes very exciting and rewarding especially if you follow people who have done it like top vegan bloggers.

They can be our source of inspiration in times of need and also when we just want to connect with people like us whether for social or other means.

I also go to these bloggers for my inspiration and the like. however, these days I have learnt a lot and rarely am I visiting their blogs.

However, if you would like to find inspiration as a vegan I would recommend following specifically these top 10 vegan bloggers as they are clued-up with almost all vegan recipes.

1. Minimalistic baker

top vegan blogs


Minimalistic baker is founder by John and Dana who are married and have had a passion for making vegan food ever since they were together.

Although Dana is more of the hands on person as far as baking, photography and content creation it is safe to say they still are both in this together.

Their site focuses solely on creating simple vegan dish recipes. Their dishes require 10 ingredients or fewer to make which will give you the ease of vegan food making.

All their dishes/bowls require 20 minutes to make at most which makes it ideal for busy people like me.

What is more they provide you with recipe books of your own that you can follow.

If you are keen to learn food photography they have a school for that which includes videography too.

2. VeganRicha

top vegan blogs

Site: www.veganricha.com

If you love want vegan food which is mainly soy-free then you will be happy to see that veganricha is the best when it comes to this.

Veganricha is a vegan site developed by Richa who got her inspiration from her Indian background (as you know India is one of the countries which is vegan friendly).

Richa knows her story to the point that her book was famous and best-selling on amazon for vegetarians and vegans just because of her simplistic approach.

3. Fork and beans


Fork and beans is a blog developed by Cara to help individuals follow a vegan diet with proper guidance.

This blogger extends her help to include people who have dietary restrictions such as those who eat gluten-free be able to manage their diet.

This site was developed by Cara to cope with her allegen-free diet requirements at first after which it grew into helping many diet eaters to cope with their life.

4. Oh she glows

top vegan blogs

Site: www.ohsheglows.com

When it comes to top vegan bloggers “Oh she glows” is very well-known by the community of vegans.

In fact when I started a vegan diet and looked for inspiration online Minimalistic baker and oh she glows were the ones I was bumping into the whole time.

This blog developed by Angela is a must for vegans who are looking to make vegan food regularly since her site is so appetizing with vegan recipes that you will get overwhelmed.

Her food preparations are so detailed that you will have no problem preparing food.

What is more she usually does week-long food preparations so that you can be prepared to cook from Monday to Sunday if you wish.

5. Pickles and Honey

Site: www.picklesandhoney.com

Looking for easy recipes that take less then 10 minutes long?

Well Amanda and Aaron have created a blog to help you fulfill these needs.

Although the site does use some honey to make their foods you can be sure then all of the other recipes are 100% vegan and gluten-free.

What is more is that if you are lazy to use lots of kitchen equipment then this site is just for you.

You need less equipment as possible.

6. Oh My Veggies

top vegan blogs

Site: www.ohmyveggies.com

This site is mainly for vegetarians but I included it because they have such a huge variety of vegan food within.

This site has a lot of great and appetizing recipes just like “oh she glows”.

What I like about this site is that they even have tutorials for you as well as nutritional tips for your diet, How cool is that?

7. Thug Kitchen

Site: www.thugkitchen.com

If you love humor along with your vegan cooking then you will love this blog. Most importantly what is great about this site is that it has tons of recipes.

The recipes that are there can be adaptive to even non-vegans.

I included this blog because it is very well-known for people who love having humor all the time.

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8. Simple vegan blog

top vegan blogs

Site: www.simpleveganblog.com

Again another duo of vegan blog site developed by Alberto and Iosume in 2014 with the aim of making vegan food simple and easy.

Although they first had a Spanish site before that they started they have dedicated their whole time to blogging.

The site has loads of vegan lunch and dinner dishes you can make super quick. In fact when I am short of lunch ideas I used this site.

9. Vegan Heaven

Site: www.veganheaven.org

Vegan heaven is a humble yet very informative vegan food blog which aims at giving you great vegan recipes.

Sina, the owner of the site is very adventurous in the kitchen so that is why she has a variety of vegan recipes.

Not only does she have home recipes she helps people make the transition to vegan diet as well as people who are traveling while vegan.

I have benefited a lot from this when I had to travel to Russian and Italy as a vegan.

10. I love Vegan

top vegan blogs

Site: www.ilovevegan.com

Last but not least is a site I consider for almost all diets focusing more on vegan eating.

The blog which is developed by Brittany and William was established in 2012 as you will see on the top of the website page.

The site is filled with wholesome vegan meals which are easy to follow since there are detailed steps every step of the way.

Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing the right vegan blog it all depends on your needs and the way you prefer getting information.

If you prefer getting week-long vegan meals you can opt for a blog like “oh she glows” or “oh my veggies”.

However, if you prefer just simple bowls for your lunch or something then it is better to opt for something like “the minimalistic baker”.

Vegan blogs have made it easy for all of us to cope well with being vegan and getting the best recipes.

I hope you enjoyed this article of the top vegan blogs. If you have any comments on questions about them you are more then welcome to leave them below.

Reader Comments

  1. Isabelle

    I really enjoyed reading this article. I am trying to eat as healthy as possible, and am always looking for inspiration. Thank you for sharing the websites of many other vegan bloggers. It will be interesting to check them out. I think the Minimalist Baker site sounds interesting. I love quick, 20 minute meals. I appreciate your website, and love all of the reviews and healthy ideas.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Isabelle

      I also love following the minimalistic baker and oh she glows due to their easy to understand vegan recipe preparations.
      I hope you can enjoy them as well.
      I also love quick vegan meals.
      I am happy to hear that you are also taking a step to take care of your health

  2. Alex G

    What a fantastic article!
    I have found several new blogs here to go and check out 🙂 I have been vegan for a while but it’s always great to dive further into the community and see how people approach things differently.
    I love that you have collected a wide variety of blogs to suit different needs! That’s really helpful when you are looking for info as you can tailor it to your own needs!

    Brilliant stuff 🙂

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Alex

      I am glad that I could help you out. As a new vegan it is advisable to check different blogs to see which one suits your personality or needs well.
      The community will indeed give you more empowerment on this vegan diet

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