10 of the Best vegan restaurants in London- Never miss these food spots

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Recently London has become so obsessed with the vegan diet that they have dedicated most of its streets with vegan restaurants and the like, according to the guardian.Best vegan restaurants in London

With such a huge growth in this city of vegan food courts it is worthwhile to know the best vegan restaurants in London. This can help you know which restaurants are worth going to the most, for the best taste.

This can help tourists a lot especially prior to traveling to London so they do not waste their money or time in the wrong vegan restaurants.

Veganweight has done all the research for you so that you can have peace of mind.

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So in this article I will be talking about the top 5 best vegan restaurants in London. Please note that the list of the best restaurants are not in any particular order folks, OK?

Great, I am glad we got that out the way. Now let us start.

Oh sorry folk… before we start, I want us to see the hype of veganism in the city of London, Check the video below:

Now that you have gotten a glimpse of vegansim hype in London let us get to the top vegan restaurants in London.

1. Bao Fitzrovia

best vegan restaurants in London

First on the list of the best vegan restaurants in London, in no particular order, is Boa Fitzrovia

The Boa fitzrovia is a low key vegan food restaurant which has some of the best tasting vegan menus like minced tofu and smoky aubergine.

The best thing about this Boa fitzrovia is the fact that they have even vegan drinks like cocktails. In fact most people report about their delicious drinks.

Although this Taiwan inspired restaurant is not 100% vegan since it is known for its delicious fried chicken and classic bun it does kick butt with it vegan options.

The other downside is that the food is quite expensive ,however the taste is well worth the buck.

A great tip for anyone wanting to visit Boa fitzrovia especially tourists is that you should book the place in advance since the place gets very busy so if you are not aware you may end up not getting the experience on the day you decide to go there.

2. Black cat cafe

best restaurants in London

When it comes to the most budget-friendly vegan foods or restaurants black cat restaurant takes the trophy.

Their low cost vegan food make it a great choice for most tourist or just locals who do not want to stretch their wallet.

An example is their lentil vegan burger which comes to 7 pounds..quiet affordable compared our normal vegan foods.

The best aspect about it all is that their vegan foods are not only very affordable but they are extremely healthy so this is a bonus for us vegans.

3.Young vegans

Vest vegan restaurants in London

Young vegans has to be one of the best vegan restaurant in London among vegans. This is because this vegan restaurant is one of those which focuses exclusively on vegan food.

Some of their menus like the cheese burger pie and the vegan cheese cake are to die for and have a great and unique taste.

This vegan restaurant focuses on doing all types of vegan pies although they still do have other options to choose from.

What is more is that you can get your cook book to do your own home made vegan pies from their website.

The other great aspect of this vegan shop is that it has its sister which is called Death by pizza which caters 100% vegan pizza. How cool is that?

Below is a clip of the Young Vegan restaurant owner below

So if you feel you have had enough of vegan pie for lunch at Camden lock at Young vegan then you can quickly head to West gate street at Death by pizza to get pizza for supper.

Address: Camden Market, 60 Camden Lock Pl, Camden Town, London NW1 8AF

4. Bombay Bustle

Bombay bustle is another vegan restaurant that will never disappoint you when it comes to your budget.

The restaurant is inspired by the Indian way of eating thus the name Bombay which is an Indian city.

We must remember that India is one of the top vegan friendly countries.

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The place is well-known for its great vibe anytime in the morning or at night. This goes to show how famous this restaurant is.

Even though it is also not 100% vegan their dishes are predominantly vegan or vegetarian.

Address: 29 Maddox St, Mayfair, London W1S 2PA, UK

5. Andina

best vegan restaurants in London

Andina which was founded by Martin who comes from Peru is another vegan favorite restaurant in London.

The foods are mostly Peruvian which include Ican peanuts which are to die for.

They also have a huge variety of vegan colorful dishes to choose from so you will never get enough of everything.

Although their options are predominantly Peruvian they do tend to mix in London style of cooking to keep the balance.

The company which was founded in 2003 is one of the vegan restaurants that are set to grow a lot over the coming years since they add new options yearly ever since they started.

Address: 1 Redchurch St, Hackney, London E2 7DJ, UK

6. Coal rooms

best vegan restaurants in London

This multi functional restaurant is another great vegan option: it is a restaurant, bar and cafe which is makes its food on charcoal grill and oven.

The restaurant is located in the former Peckham Rye train ticket office which is a place that is rapidly being developed into a food space or hall.

Coal rooms is a restaurant where you can spend the best part of the evening due to the atmosphere and warmth of the place and the service.

Although the surrounding area can seem to put you off but the food just covers all that negativity. For vegans some of the great foods they can have are the hash browns, hispi cabbage in jerk sauce.

Address: Coal Rooms, 11a Station Way, London SE15 4RX, United Kingdom

7. The Gate

best vegan restaurants in London

If you are a vegan backpacker you will be happy to hear that The Gate restaurant will be great for you since they really cater for vegans that are on the go in most of their menus.

Not only are these vegan menu accommodating but the place itself is super comfortable.

The Thia noodles and tikka tofu are one of the famous vegan options in this restaurant.

This restaurant which was established in 1989 as vegan pioneers has been one of the forefront restaurant in promoting vegan and vegetarian eating.

This restaurant even has a unique meal course catering for vegans which is called The Secret Vegan SupperClub

Address: 370 St John Street, London, EC1V 4NN

8. Dishoom

best vegan restaurants in London

If you are looking for a restaurant that will cater for many diet options such as vegan, vegetarian, nut free and gluten-free you will happy to know this restaurant exists in London.

This restaurant caters for all types of diets imaginable or whatever food that works for you.

This vegan restaurants which was started by Iran immigrates has been well-known for plant based foods.

9. Itadaki Zen


Itadaki Zen is another exclusive vegan restaurants which is Japanese inspired menu can make your taste budds very happy.

With its selection of spring rolls and mixed vegetable tempura you are sure to get fulfilled pretty easily and in a healthy way.

Their drinks are one of the most decadent and unique ones you can have in London since they serve Fermented rice-based drinks, herb based drinks as well as some wines and beers.

What is unique about Itadaki Zen is the fact that their food or menus are based on the medicinal value of plants, which is a bonus for boosting your health as they put your health as a top priority.

This is even indicated from its name which is Japanese for “to take the food life fix”

10. Club Mexicana at the spread Eagle

best vegan restaurants in London

Finally, Last but certainly not least, on the best vegan restaurants in London we have Club Mexicana which will give you a 100% guilt-free eating experience since everything it its room from food to drinks all the way to its furniture is made with no animal at all.

What is special with Club Mexicana is its variety of vegan food which is endless.

Their foods range from small plates or corn esquites and vegan pork which are all unique to anyone visiting.

If you are feeling like drinking as a vegan their drinks are 100% vegan like no other, how cool is that especially if you enjoy the pub.

Take home message


Traveling to many European countries as a vegan is not a bad choice especially if you know where the vegan food courts are.

London along with Germany are the pioneers of vegan restaurants in Europe so if you get to visit these countries you will really feel accommodated to the core.

London has one of the best vegan restaurants like Andina, Black cat cafe, Itadaki Zen etc which are loved by almost all vegans who live or have traveled to this vegan friendly city.

Most of the vegan restaurants tend to cater for many diets such as gluten-free so it all depends on what you are looking for.

I hope this article was helpful in giving you the best vegan restaurants in London. If you have any questions or comments please do not be scared to comment below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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  1. Amanda

    First of all WOW!!!! I’m not vegan but I want to be. I have a few vegan friends I can share this page with and they are going to love it!!!! Great work!!!

  2. Sane

    Thank you for this information. I have only started looking at the Vegan diet due to food intolerance and also some personal preferences. I have been to a few Vegan restaurants and highly enjoyed the food, which is more than often really delicious and nutritious. I will check your list of restaurants when I am next in London. Your post has saved me from manually searching for the best Vegan restaurants.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hello Sane

      Great to hear that this article was helpful and I am also happy to hear that you are looking at the vegan diet.
      I can promise you that it is the best diet you can choose for your health.
      I chose it due to my heart health condition.

  3. Tamika G

    Hi there, this article is a great guide to eating out as a vegan in London. Do you have a personal favourite from the list?

    My only suggestion would be in you could include the location after the restaurant name as a quick way to know where the restaurant is. That would be particularly useful for tourists and those not very familiar with London.

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