10 best weight loss tips for teens- Take control of your weight easily

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When it comes to weight loss many of us are conscience of it, however did you know that most teenagers are not aware of this?10 best weight loss tips for teens

More than that most teenagers do not know how to actually get rid of their weight gain. This is the reason that today I will tell you about 10 best weight loss tips for teens.

Theses are not just points but most of them will be very practical for you to do.

Remember nothing will change if you do not follow these tips to the tee as weight loss is a journey not a one time event. It needs work

Let’s look at the global problem of weight loss in teens which makes it very concerning:

Now without wasting your time let’s get started into how you can solve this problem for yourself shall we?

1. Set your weight loss goals

10 best weight loss tips for teens

In life you will not know where you are going if you do not know where you are and knowing this comes from planning your goals.

As a teenager it will be a great move for you to set goals because unlike adults you have so much time to work on your weight loss goals.

Most young people will do not even think of making goals as most of them look for quick fixes.

The problem with this is that it will end up blocking your progress in the long run.

So the first step for you to do is to ask your parents to buy you a note book and pen of your own.

When you are writing just remember to make a timeline that you will stick too. Your goal can be monthly or yearly depending on what you want.

2. Avoid Eating out too much

10 best weight loss tips for teens

Avoiding junk food can be the best step which will do the most impact for your weight loss.

Eating out is one of the major reasons people fail to reach their weight loss goals and this is the thing you need to cut out first.

I know that this can be easier said than done especially since you can’t control where you eat out mostly since you are living with your parents.

How you can manage this is when you happen to out with your family is to rather eat foods which have less fat. For example, you can opt for a grilled chicken burger rather than a crumbed chicken burger.

You can also tell your parents that you are looking to eat less fatty food since you are working on your weight. This can help a lot of which I will talk about next.

3. Make your parents aware of this goal you have

10 best weight loss tips for teens

The other practical step for  best weight loss tips for teens is to tell your parents that you are working on losing weight.

This step can be perhaps the most important of them all due to the fact that your parents will be more accepting of your goals and in most cases (if they care a bout you a lot) will work on these goals with you.

This means that they may even eliminate many things which could contribute to weight loss like the one I mentioned above (going to eat out often).

Parents can even decide to take you to something like a gym.

4. Focus on eating fiber-rich snacks throughout the day

10 best weight loss tips for teens


You must also leave your snacks which are not going to help such as fried chips and normal chips to curb your taste-buds hunger.

Whenever most people need some snacks the easiest thing to do is to focus on regular and often unhealthy foo.

Snacks are said to contribute mainly to weight gain according to cheatsheet due to the fact that snacks are meals we eat without even noticing.

The other issue that cheatsheet mention is that that people think they are eating the right snacks but are actually not.

They listed the following snacks as the main contributors where people thing they are healthy but are not:

  • Smoothies
  • Peanut butter
  • Nuts
  • Granola

Although most of these snacks may seem to be healthy (as you are usually not told) they tend to have a lot of calories .

For example eating nuts is healthy in its safe however if you eat the wrong nuts you will gain weight.

The best nuts would be those with lower calories like walnuts and almonds according to sincerlynuts.com.

So which the best snacks for weight loss?

Do not worry I have done the research to point you to the right direction and here is what I found work well with people:

  • Fruits of any kind (just be aware of those like mango with too much fats).
  • Vegetables can also be a great choice if you make them into some sort of salad with something like grilled chicken or fish

5. Focus on protein-rich snacks throughout the day

10 best weight loss tips for teens

I did touch a bit on protein rich food before like nuts which you need.

So why do you need protein?

Well you need protein to basically develop muscles which will help eliminate fat from your body. Remember muscles and fat do not live in the body at the same time.

You can also read my article on how to lose weight without losing muscles which talks about the strategy of doing this.

Remember when you are having protein rich foods you must make sure the foods are not fatty as this will make you not really progress.

Here are some of the best food:

  • Lean meat (like chicken)
  • Beans (legumes)
  • soy
  • Eggs (if you are not vegan)
  • Tofu

Of course there are many, these are just my top picks. If you are looking for more WebMed has more food choices.

6. Get into an active club of your choice

10 best weight loss tips for teens

These days most teenagers are sitting for long hours at home playing games and stuff. This is one of the reasons most teenagers are developing obesity.

The best way to have good and healthy weight is to make sure you join a club of a hobby you enjoy.

For example if you love dancing you can join a dancing club.

Joining a club will help you stay on your course when it comes to your weight goals as you will be continuously happy.

Remember the core principle of weight loss is eating less and burning more fat so exercising is what you need.

7. Focus on natural program

You also need to get rid of any medication and focus on natural programs which can help you get to your goals.

Now most programs may be a little costly so you may need your parents for this.

Some of the most cheap programs will not even cost you $15 dollars but will get you further depending on the effectiveness of the program.

Here are my number 1 recommendations for teenagers:

The one which costs less is the 15 minutes weight loss program as it is $15.

8. Avoid diet pills and opt for supplements at least

Having diet pills is one of the most dangerous items you can use for your weight loss as they have side effects.

Related: which weight loss pills actually work?

Even though a doctor may recommend these for you the truth is that they have some risk which will stay with you forever.

The sad thing is that top health companies are actually promoting these like crazy just because of business interests.

9. Get enough sleep

10 best weight loss tips for teens

According to Quick And Dity Tips a study which was done whereby they put people on an experiment whereby some people slept more than 8 hours while others only slept way less.

The results showed that the group of people who slept more hat about 50% more fat loss compared to those who were sleep deprived.

Moreover these people who didn’t have enough sleep felt a heck more hungry which made them eat more all the time.

This is what happens to you if you do not prioritize on enough sleep (at least 8 hours).

10. Drink enough water

10 best weight loss tips for teens

Another aspect of weight loss is taking out the toxins that your body has burned so to do this you need to drink enough water.

Water is the easiest to consume as it is something we can drink throughout the day, however most people struggle with this.

One of the best ways is to have a bottle with you daily wherever you go.

Final thoughts

Weight loss for teenagers is becoming more important these days more than ever due to the fact that teenagers are not inactive and sit for long hours playing games.

The truth is that you as a teenager can easily lose weight if you think long term when it comes to weight loss.

This means that each day do the steps which will help you to get to your goals after you have given yourself a weight goal you want to achieve.

Here are some of the best ways to lose ways which will always work for you:

  • Drink enough water
  • Eat more protein
  • Eat more fiber-rich food
  • Avoid eating out too much
  • Join a gym or sports club
  • Make your parents aware of this

I hope this article was very helpful and I hope you benefited from this as a teenager. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

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  1. Jerome Ellis

    Great information here! I have a teen that is looking to lose some weight, and she will learn a lot from this. I have shared it with her, and I’m sure if she uses some of these tips, she will do great!

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