10 benefits of flaxseed oil capsules- The unknown truth

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Flaxseeds are one of the super foods which are becoming more and more popular for providing heart health and many other benefits. This is even popular with vegetarians and vegans.benefits of flaxseed oil capsules

I started using flaxseeds to help unclog my heart arteries in 2010 and it was the best capsules I could have had. Having used these capsules for long I can safely say that the benefits of flaxseed oil capsules is beyond the norm of any regular capsules.

Just like any type of capsules or supplements not all suppliers or brands are good in giving you quality capsules.

This is the reason you need to check for the best types of brands which will work the best.

However, generally all flaxseeds have the same benefits and in this article I will be talking about the 10 benefits of flaxseed oil capsules you will derive from consuming these

What is flaxseed oils?

benefits of flaxseed oil capsules

Before we start looking at the benefits of flaxseed oil capsules let us look at what they really are.

Flaxseed oils come from a plant called flax. This plant which grows to 2 feet tall originates from Egypt and has been used all over the world for its benefits.

Flaxseeds are used and ground into oil to produce flaxseed oil which is used for healthy eating.

Over the years people have started to see the huge benefits of flaxseeds not just as material to make clothes but for medical benefits.

In this article I will only talk about the flaxseed oil’s benefits for health when consumed as this is what people are started to look into.

1. Heart health benefit

benefits of flaxseed oil capsules

This is by far the number one benefit of flaxseed oil capsules since flaxseed oils are linked with reducing high blood pressure which is linked to harming the heart by destroying the lining of the heart arteries.

Supplementing with flaxseed oil is also linked with improving the elasticity of your arteries especially heart arteries as aging is linked to increasing high blood pressure and reducing elasticity which cause clogged arteries.

More than that flaxseed oil is great in reducing cholesterol by cleaning the heart artery wall lining.

2. Boost skin health

This benefit I personally discovered accidentally when I had used flaxseed oils for a few months.

Since I am consuming a vegan diet my skin improves without me putting in any effort. So you can imagine if you were to be a vegan and also consume a lot of flaxseed supplements what your skin would be.

To make it even more amazing you can even use plant based skin products like best vegan skincare products brands.

According to research that was conducted on 13 women who had to use flaxseed oil to check its benefits for the skin it was revealed that flaxseed oil showed skin improvement and smoothness within 2 months.

3. Improve hair health

benefits of flaxseed oil capsules

According to Hairbuddha since flaxseed oil is filled with omega 3 fatty acids which helps prevent hair sculpture and the hair follicles to stay healthy.

Flaxseed also has lignans which help protect the hair from thinning. Since they are anti-oxidants they prevent the aging of hair cells which thin the hair.

You will also notice that most people use home remedies which have flaxseed oil to assist with the growth of their hair constantly.

This is because of the great asset flaxseed oil is to your hair.

4. Reducing inflammation

benefits of flaxseed oil capsules

Inflammation is one of the major problem that ussually leads to other diseases such as heart disease or diabetes so it is good news to know that flaxseed has properties which fight this inflammation.

According to study that was done on animals it showed that flaxseed oil has anti inflammatory properties which are similar to olive oil.

5. Prevention of cancer

Cancer being another big and popular disease it is good to know that flaxseed oil has properties which help prevent cancer cell growth in the body.

Although the studies for this experience have only been limited to animals not human it is worth noting the relevance to humans to since most animal studies or experiments align well to humans.

6. Preventing constipation

benefits of flaxseed oil capsules

Just like with cancer prevention studies are limited only to animals which have shown graet improvement in gut health when flaxseed is in the system.

Flaxseed oil improves bowel movement and it acts as an antidiarrheal agent in the body which prevents any sort of diarrhea related problems in the body.

7. Improves breath smell

Due to the high fiber in flaxseed oil it is one of the best oils for improving breath smell.

More than this flaxseed oil is packed with the soluble and non-soluble-type of fiber which is good for your overall body health and function such as bowel movement as mentioned above.

8. Improves good quality protein

benefits of flaxseed oil capsules

Flaxseed is a great source of “good” quality plant protein. In fact this is the best type of protein to consume if you are a plant based eater like a vegan or vegetarian.

Although if you want another good quality protein you can try vegansmart protein powder which can be even be used as a meal replacement since it has about 20 grams of protein per serving..Crazy right!

9. Prevents diabetes

Diabetes along with other chronic disease like heart disease is amongst the leading causes of death in the world.

This is because high sugar levels in the blood can easily affect anyone especially with these processed foods that we eat all the time.

The best way to control this high sugar levels is by consuming flaxseed oil or flaxseed oil capsules regularly.

10. Prevention of obesity

benefits of flaxseed oil capsules

Obesity is another major problem in the world and which often leads to other chronic disease.

What if flaxseed oil could prevent obesity?

Well it certainly can.

This is because of the high fiber that this food substance has. One tablespoon of flaxseed oil has about 3-5 grams of fiber which is about 10% of the daily requirement.

Take home message

Flaxseed oil which comes from the flaxseed plant is very versatile when it comes to giving health benefits to humans and animals.

The benefits of flaxseed oil capsules are so many that sometimes this food substances is called the super seed.

It is fair to say that this seed is very powerful since it has so many benefits especially for the chronic disease like obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc.

Although some studies in terms of other benefits are limited to animal it is still good to assume that the benefits do extend to human health as well.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was very beneficial to you. If you have any question or comments please do not be scared to write below the comment section. I will be more than happy to engage.

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